Mr. Men Little Miss Vol. 2

  • 6 Stories
  • 17h14
  • English


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“One day, Little Miss Curious set off for town.
-Why do doors squeak, but are not small and furry with pink ears and long tails?
she asked her door as she went out.

Understandably, the door didn’t answer. ”

The mythical Mr. Men Little Miss adventures carry on, on My Fabulous Storyteller!
Do not miss the wonderful Little Miss Sunshine and her eager, grouchy, perturbing, vigorous, and titillating friends!

Mr. Tickle
Little Miss Sunshine
Mr. Grumpy
Little Miss Trouble
Mr. Strong
Little Miss Curious

  • Author

    Roger Hargreaves

  • Story Teller

    Barbara Weber-Boustani

  • Story Teller

    Paul Bandey

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