Mr. Men Little Miss Vol.4

  • 6 Stories
  • 15h55
  • English


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“Next, Mr. Silly met a pig wearing trousers and a bowler hat.
– Wouldn’t it be silly if you didn’t wear trousers and a bowler hat? he said to the pig.
– Moo! said the pig.
Isn’t that silly?”

Ever heard of the delightful Mr. Men Little Miss adventures?
For this 4th album specially produced for My Fabulous Storyteller, (re)discover dreamy Mr. Daydream and his royal, rough, gamy, goofy, and wonderfully creative friends!

Mr. Daydream
Little Miss Princess
Mr. Rude
Little Miss Naughty
Mr. Silly
Little Miss Inventor

  • Author

    Mister Men Little Miss

  • Author

    Les Éditions Lunii

  • Story Teller

    Barbara Weber-Boustani

  • Story Teller

    Paul Bandey

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