The adventures of Suzanne and Ben

  • 48 Stories
  • 19h26
  • English


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Discover Suzanne and Ben’s fantastic adventures through Lunii’s 48 original stories!
Your children will share the heroes’ wonderful journey, and meet countless new friends through these breathtaking tales.

Ready? Set… Go!

Our stories are translated, adapted and told by native translators and actors from each country in order to provide our little Luniians with tailor-made stories.
The content remains the same, while the accents and the names of the characters may change from one language to another.

  • Author

    Charles Deinausard

  • Author

    Claude Delafosse

  • Author

    Jeanne Delafosse

  • Author

    Mickaël Ndongo

  • Story Teller

    Chloé Hollings

  • Story Teller

    Kester Lovelace

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