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Lunii e-gift card

What can I buy with my Lunii e-gift card?

The Lunii e-gift card can only be used to buy audiobooks to add to My Fabulous Storyteller. It cannot be used to buy products such as My Fabulous Storyteller, Octave headphones or the My Lunii Pouch. You cannot buy an e-gift card with an e-gift card.

How do I activate my Lunii e-gift card?

To use your Lunii e-gift card, you must log in to your Lunii account (to create one, click here). In the "My account" section, go to the "Gift card balance" area and enter the e-gift card code you received by email. Your balance is now available and you can buy new audiobooks.

Can I give my e-gift card to a child?

The Lunii e-gift card can take the form of an origami gift voucher to give to your child. The voucher to download and print can be found in the e-mail containing your e-gift card and its activation code.

How do I transfer my stories to My Fabulous Storyteller?

You need to use the Luniistore to transfer your purchases from your computer to My Fabulous Storyteller. You can download it here.

Once you are logged in to the Luniistore, connect your Storyteller to your computer and turn it on. You can then start transferring your audio stories.

The Lunii e-gift card lets you buy audiobooks across all Lunii platforms.
Over 50 audiobooks to discover with the Lunii e-gift card!