Record your text and listen to them on My Fabulous Storyteller!

Lunii always accompanies you further in the imagination! Nature, Marvelous, Space or Pirates … Choose a universe and tell your own adventures.

Parents and grandparents, surprise your children and grandchildren! They will love to hear your voice come out of Ma Fabrique à Histoires. Now, it’s your turn to play…

    • Free mobile app
    • Easy handling
    • Available on Google Play and App Store
    • Max time of a story: 8 minutes
Always awaken your children's imaginations

You can now make up stories with your children: let your imagination run wild and share emotional moments!

A first entry into reading

Tell a story that your child likes to leaf through even if he cannot yet read on his own; this will give him a taste for reading and strengthen his autonomy!

A stronger bond between children and their loved ones

Share the stories that marked you as a child. Falling asleep with Papi's voice is now possible.

How it works ?


From the My Studio Lunii app, I choose a universe


I record my story


I give my story a title


I send my story to the Luniistore

img Download Luniistore


I transfer my recording from my computer to My Fabulous Storyteller


I'm listening to my story on My Fabulous Storyteller!

Free mobile application available on Google Play and App Store

No screen, room for imagination!

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The Lunii headphones!

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