Lunii always accompanies you further in the imagination! Nature, Marvelous, Space or Pirates … Choose a universe and tell your own adventures.

Parents and grandparents, surprise your children and grandchildren! They will love to hear your voice come out of Ma Fabrique à Histoires. Now, it’s your turn to play…

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    • Facile d’utilisation
    • Disponible sur Google Play et App Store
    • Temps max. d’une histoire : 8 minutes
Always awaken your children's imaginations

Record your stories and listen to them on My Fabulous Storyteller !

A first entry into reading

Tell a story that your child likes to leaf through even if he cannot yet read on his own; this will give him a taste for reading and strengthen his autonomy!

A stronger bond between children and their loved ones

Share the stories that marked you as a child. Falling asleep with Papi's voice is now possible.

How it works ?

From the My Studio Lunii application, I choose a universe

I record my story

Free mobile application available on Google Play and App Store