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Screen-free and emission-free companion to awaken your kids’ imagination! english content

Children craft their own stories by choosing a hero, an object, a location and more… Then a fun and engaging adventure begins! This magical little box offers kids endless possibilities to awaken their imagination, develop their vocabulary, learn languages, discover art or travel the world...

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Hundreds of stories from passionate authors to fuel your kids imagination!

Passionate about animals? Vintage or contemporary fairy tales? Adventure? Social Justice? Science? French? Spanish?.. Quality, diversity and imaginary are at the heart of the stories curated in the Luniistore. Explore stories and download the app to keep your little ones inspired...

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Cool and safe headphones to enjoy stories anywhere with many friends

Immerse your children in a magical world! These sturdy, foldable and emission- free headphones come with adjustable volume level to fit children’s hearing, and a double jack plug to share the stories with multiple pair of ears. 😉The perfect travel and quiet times’ companion!

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Editor’s choice

“Monstrous Fairy Tales”, by author Monica Clarke. With this album, children can craft up to 18 stories. Bold and very contemporary, the stories tackle in an inspiring way topics of diversity, bullying, ecology... Highly recommended from age 5+.

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Even haunted houses can be home to true friends!

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Well, well, well! What’s going on in the woods? Billy and Scarlett enjoy lots of exciting adventures with their woodland friends.

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Turboville is a charming, calm, and peaceful city… But… is it really? To the Mayor’s great misfortune, the city attracts all kinds of bad guys, and so he calls Pandaroo, the champion of deduction, the king of Sudoku!

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Tamsin's dream is to be accepted at King Arthur’s Round Table. She will do anything to prove herself! Tristan is the Fairy Queen’s favorite messenger and his wonderful wanderings are worthy of the greatest epic poems! Are you ready to enter this legend?

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Kradok the Terrible and Alfrida the Fearsome invite you aboard their ships! The oceans shelter strange creatures, a giant octopus, a dragon, a mermaid, a three-headed monster, and even a magic fish. Take the helm and examine the horizon through your telescope to find fabulous chests filled with gold coins. Join their crews and go hunting for treasures!

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Josephine and Marius both have Super-Mummies! Whether they’re at school, at home or on holiday, our two heroes show us how amazing their mummies are with these stories exploring everyday family life.

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