Studying and weighing up the impact of our decisions.


Using our creativity and flexibility to question and go beyond the norm.


Being committed to our mission and values.


Communicating and cooperating in a practical way at Lunii and in society.

Our beliefs

Aware of the effects of overexposure to screens and believing in the power of imagination, Lunii specialises in audio fiction designed for the cognitive development of all children from the youngest age.

Our mission

Developing the imagination: both through our projects and as a company, we choose to grow differently, in harmony with the world around us.

Our focus is on imagination and audio

Lunii offers a form of education inspired by the oral tradition and the essence of storytelling. The imagination allows a full immersion, being guided by the audio fiction: a field of exploration where every person wanders as they please.

Our expertise

The audio fictions created by Lunii are meant to be listened to on this unique object. Our stories are driven by the values that we wish to share with all our listeners: diversity of cultures, colours and places; equality of representations and roles;and commitment to our missions.

To offer a world of audio exploration to learn about oneself, to take care of oneself, to awaken to others, to the world and to share.

About My Fabulous Storyteller

Our products and services are designed to impact those who use them, and to impact the world through them.

We are committed to respecting a Sustainable Development approach to make Lunii a responsible company with impacts on society, the environment and the economy.

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