Jane Goodall
One Life in 6 chapters

Jane Goodall

For My Fabulous Storyteller
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Jane Goodall lived among chimpanzees in the wild and learned to communicate with them, and she’s been rescuing chimpanzees and other animals from danger ever since.

She observed animals from a very young age, whether it was a hen at her grandmother’s farm, a friendly dog on a beach in Cornwall, or later, the magnificent chimps in the jungle in Tanzania.

Through her never-failing determination and strong will, the work she imagined doing as a child became a reality. She made groundbreaking scientific discoveries that led her to become one of the world’s most prominent voices in the fight for animal rights and nature conservation.

Content note: Stories mention World Wars I and II as historical context for Goodall's life.
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Meg Belviso
Sarah Tullamore
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