Monstrous Fairy Tales
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Monstrous Fairy Tales

For My Fabulous Storyteller
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Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf?

Have you ever seen… an ogre who’s a top vegetarian chef, an insomniac vampire or a witch who loves to bake?

Dive into a world of fairy tales full of humor and meet some familiar villains who aren’t so scary after all! Whether in a futuristic fortified city, in the middle of the Fairy Forest or deep in the depths of the Ocean, what might make all these villains unhappy? Actually, it can get quite lonely when you’re a dragon who’s several centuries old, or a ghost who wouldn’t even scare a fly... Fortunately, every fairy tale has a happy ending, and this time, even the bad guys get one! As you will discover, even haunted houses can be home to true friends.
Extract n°1
Monica Clark-Robinson
Rosalinde Milan
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