Relax In The Clouds - I Can Manage My Emotions
6 stories and 6 relaxation exercises

Relax In The Clouds - I Can Manage My Emotions

For My Fabulous Storyteller
US (English)
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What do you do when you have a ball of sadness that won’t go away, or when you’re so excited that you can’t contain your happiness? Paul has a secret: Mr. Snorr, the cool little zen wizard, who lives on Cloud Nine in the Cloud Kingdom and is always ready to help you calm down.

6 sweet stories along with 6 relaxation exercises to help children learn to manage their feelings and rediscover a sense of calm and peace.

Lunii info: Each story starts with a familiar situation through an emotion Paul is feeling.

The little boy joins Mr. Snorr the wizard on Cloud Nine, where he will learn 6 exercises inspired by yoga positions. Children are taken step by step through the positions as well as through visualizations that allow them to relax.

Each of these exercises includes a magic word that helps children remember how to find that special moment of calm when they are feeling a strong emotion.

We suggest you join your child as they discover relaxation so that you can gently introduce them to the practice. These stories are best listened to in a calm environment with My Fabulous Storyteller placed on a flat surface, rather than in your child’s hands.
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Sophie Nanteuil
Nadège Pétrel
Juanita Grande
Christiana Hills
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