Let’s Go for a Walk on the Farm!
12 sounds, 1 sound story

Let’s Go for a Walk on the Farm!

Für Mein Geschichtenerzähler
USA (Englisch)
My Listening Walks, a short format just right for toddlers:
- 12 sounds, illustrated and named, which the child is invited to explore
- A sound story that includes all 12 sounds for immersion in the chosen world.

Experience a day at the farm, starting with the rooster crowing and ending with the animals going back into their pens and stables. In the meantime, the hen clucks, the pig grunts, the sheep bleats, the horse whinnies... and the farmer is busy too!

Lunii recommendation:
Exploring the Listening Walk with your little one is as simple as can be! All you have to do is turn the selector knob or press OK to go from one sound to the next. And don’t forget the last track, which brings them all together in a narrative sequence. What a joy for the child to recognize them!
Auszug Nr.1
Les Éditions Lunii
Elizabeth Wautlet
Jeff Diteman
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