The Jungle of Emotions
12 emotions to explore

The Jungle of Emotions

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USA (Englisch)
Welcome to the Jungle of Emotions.

Are you ready to go on an adventure? Pack your seeker bag, grab your spyglass and compass, and join Joe as she wanders through the Jungle!

You’ll meet mischievous spider monkeys, knowledgeable fungi, and many more inspiring animals and plants as you explore the different layers of the jungle – and of your inner landscape. Together with Joe, learn to deal with the negative emotions that linger in the dark of the forest floor and climb higher and higher through the jungle’s layers, until you’re confidently soaring through the emergent layer!

Written by an experienced Montessori educator, The Jungle of Emotions teaches children holistic techniques to handle their emotions and how to appreciate nature for everything it gives us.

Note: There is an introduction at the beginning of this album, followed by the various choices to create the stories. To skip the introduction, press OK.
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Giada Seghers
Dalal Sabra
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