Escape from Ursula
7 story scenes and 6 puzzles to solve

Escape from Ursula

For My Fabulous Storyteller
US (English)
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Take part in the adventure!
“Now look at me. Wasted away to practically nothing. Banished and exiled and practically starving! … Well, I’ll give ‘em something to celebrate soon enough.”

There is a kingdom under the sea where fish-folk and mermaids live together in harmony. But Princess Ariel, King Triton’s daughter, dreams of being a part of the surface world… which makes her the perfect bait for Ursula the Sea Witch! The evil sorceress offers Ariel a deal: she will turn the princess into a human, but Ariel has to find her one true love, or else she’ll belong to Ursula forever…
You’re the only one who can swim to the rescue of Ariel! Break Ursula’s curse and help the little mermaid escape!

This interactive audio escape game is a new way to enjoy both your Storyteller and Disney’s classic movie. Listen in story mode to hear the story of The Little Mermaid performed by official voices, or listen in game mode to solve puzzles and help Ariel escape from Ursula!

The puzzles incorporate both audio and visual elements with a difficulty level suitable for children ages 5 and up, and do not require reading.

Story mode allows children to choose from numbered scenes in order to navigate the full story and pick up where they left off.
Extract n°1
Lunii Publishing
Jodi Benson
Dioni Michelle Collins
Chris Edgerly
Tara Karsian
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