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The Luniistore is a computer app that allows you to add and remove stories.

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Windows Vista SP2 or higher

All available versions

    • Thousands of hours of stories to discover!
    • Up to 3h and 48 stories per album.
    • Capacity to load up to 20 albums at once
    • Album price: from $2.90 to $19.90
    • In 8 languages

For any technical question on the luniistore check our support page here

Thousands of hours of audio stories to awaken your children’s imagination, develop their vocabulary and explore the world around them.

Initiate your children to new languages or keep-up with additional languages like French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Dutch or Flemish.

Enjoy 2 entire new albums on us.
12 poetic and peaceful bedtime stories, to help your children drift off to sleep!

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