Mr. Men Little Miss Vol.6

  • 6 Stories
  • 14h22
  • English


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“Late for this.
Late for that.
Little Miss Late was late for everything!
For instance.
Do you know where she spent last Christmas?
At home.
Earlybird Cottage!
But, do you know when she spent Christmas?
January 25th!
One month late!”

The Mr. Men Little Miss are back for a final classic album on My Fabulous Storyteller! Join bruised Mr. Bump and his glittery, confused, dictatorial, tardy, and jazzy friends on their ageless adventures!

Mr. Bump
Little Miss Bossy
Mr. Cool
Little Miss Sparkle
Mr. Muddle
Little Miss Late

  • Author

    Mister Men Little Miss

  • Story Teller

    Barbara Weber-Boustani

  • Story Teller

    Paul Bandey

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