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Download the Luniistore to buy and transfer your story albums

Download the Luniistore to access more albums and transfer them to My Fabulous Storyteller

The Luniistore is a free computer app that enables you to download additional free albums, buy the latest albums released and transfer albums from your library to your Fabulous Storyteller
Thousands of curated stories
Thousands of curated stories
Develop your child’s imagination, vocabulary, language skills, attention…
Audio stories available in 8 languages
Audio stories available in 8 languages
Download stories in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian…
Get immediately 2 free bedtime story albums
Get immediately 1 free bedtime story album
6 free additional bedtime stories to help your little ones with their bedtime routine.
My Luniistore Library
My Luniistore Library
Simply add or remove albums from your My Fabulous Storyteller
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